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Shanghai Taitool Bioscience Co.Ltd. is one of the first enterprises in Jiading Yucheng biological center, and co-construction of virus platform with Yucheng biological center, responsible for the operation of virus platform. At present, our company has more than 400 square meters of laboratory, including 10,000 grade clean production room, 100,000 grade clean room, molecular laboratory. Our service target includes Chinese academy of sciences, zhejiang university, fudan university, Chinese academy of medical sciences and other famous domestic scientific research units.

Taitool is a high-tech enterprise focusing on viral vector technology services and product development, providing complete solutions for basic scientific research and pre-clinical research of gene therapy. AAV (Adeno-associated virus) vector is our company's flagship product and our advantage product. We have established AAV detection methods and established AAV quality standards, enabling us to have a leading edge in the industry. Rapid service cycle and excellent service quality enable us to establish a very excellent reputation in the process of customer use of products.

Shanghai Taitool Bioscience Co.Ltd

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